economic theory

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(economics) a theory of commercial activities (such as the production and consumption of goods)

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Economic theory of business corporations has been influential in recent decades.
Given that the book is relatively brief (319 pages) and covers a number of institutions in a relatively short space, the book serves primarily as an introduction, providing one with the economic theory needed to understand institutions, while giving the reader an appreciation for the variation in the form that these institutions take across countries, and providing a very brief survey of some relevant empirical findings regarding the influence that these institutions have on outcomes such as wages and employment.
With the rise of Baroness Margaret Thatcher as Britain's prime minister in 1979, she embraced a new economic theory, based on absolute freedom of markets and giving major companies a dominating role in economy management, while the government's sole role was general organisation.
However, whether his philosophy will change how people view financial markets, and whether Soros book will join the canon of economic theory remains uncertain.
Economic theory posits that the condition can be brought on by one of two things - supply shock or inappropriate monetary policies.
For its paradigm-shifting knowledge and scholarship-based comprehension of modern American societal thought and economic theory, American Capitalism is very strongly recommended for students of political science, economics, and anthropology.
King (Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Finance at La Trobe University, Australia), The Elegar Companion To Post Keynesian Economics is an elaborate collection of post Keynesian economic theory from the words of those who used the Keynesian theoretics.
In section three, Izquierdo Martin documents communal development and counters utilitarian notions and classical economic theory that township status was an agenda of individuals with motives to acquire personal property.
He was forced to deal with it because much of the conventional wisdom on development, which he was contending, denied the relevance of basic economic theory to developing countries.
Both the Krueger and Carneiro/Heckman chapters are grounded in economic theory, and both marshal a wealth of empirical evidence to support their arguments about what policies are likely and unlikely to increase human capital for those in the lower half of this distribution.
Blackwell Publishing (Malden, MA) has begun the publication of four new journals, including 'Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology,' 'Maternal and Child Nutrition," Management and Organization Review' and 'International Journal of Economic Theory.
Many researchers argue that firms are doing a pretty good job, Haubrich and Popova, academic researchers in the field of executive compensation wrote in their journal article in Economic Theory, "The results [of our analysis of CEO compensation] suggest .
Becker has been a skilled user of that tool--in 1992 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for having extended the domain of economic theory to a much wider range of human behavior than economists had previously considered.
Despite this success, Greens do not yet enjoy widespread public support, possibly due to a missing key element--an economic theory.