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Many of his publications were in the area of economic systems on traditional topics: international trade within the Soviet bloc and between that bloc and the West, international migration, and so on.
Teranishi thinks Japan's outdated economic system in a changing environment was an important factor behind the economy's malaise of the past decade.
Blame the economic system that the politicians perpetuated.
Sohail stressed to implement Islamic banking and economic system practically.
economic system, corporate capitalism, experiences stress.
ISLAMABAD -- A seminar titled "Capitalism and Islamic Economic System in Modern Era" was held at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Wednesday .
Although there have been many convincing arguments and warnings about the dangers of our economic system and its players, Mrs Robertson claims no one seems to acknowledge the scale of the crisis.
These are very different questions, but the answers form a clear and disturbing pattern if we think about an economic system in the way we would an ecological system.
This Islamic economic system demands a society which is living Islamic values.
As Americans we take great pride in capitalism, an economic system whose engine, it seems, is greed.
A quick review of recent headlines might lead one to conclude that America's system of capitalism is the most corrupt economic system on the planet.
Summary: A roundtable was held on Tuesday at the Chamber of Deputies focusing on "The Davos World Economic Forum and the global economic system following the crisis".
The final report of the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) 21st International Symposium recommends exploration of new tracks to favour the setting up of a world economic system that would ensure stability and development in the world.
b) Others seem to say that most people are unmoved by abstract economic arguments and view the economic system instrumentally, that is, they are more concerned with the performance of the economy, rather than the system per se.