economic rent

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the return derived from cultivated land in excess of that derived from the poorest land cultivated under similar conditions

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And, economic rent has been with us for as long as there has been commercial interaction.
Ensuring contract catering professional soldiers and employees of the Ministry of Defence - members of the ECS 8116 TrencE[degrees]n and Central Military Hospital SNP Ruzomberok clinic for TrencE[degrees]n, catering facilities in 8116 HL TrencE[degrees]n form of economic rent Military catering facilities ECS 8116 TrencE[degrees]n - 8 000 EUR,
The yield is worth more than the investment rate, so the production and economic rent of growers in the Tamrong is appropriate investment.
If the landlord changes the provision of utilities from the previous period to the current period, the economic rent is affected.
pay tax currently on the economic rent attributable to the current year
Why shouldn't the true economic rent be taxed away, as Henry George suggested?
For example, the six-month change in rent for all renter-occupied units in a segment is the ratio of (1) the sum of the current economic rents for each sampled unit within the segment, weighted by the total renter weight for that segment, and (2) the sum of the economic rents charged six months ago for each sampled unit within the segment, weighted by the total renter weight for that segment.
Ben Amour assured that the council will make every effort to fight the economic rent.
The economic rent and other income that derives from them is largely used for public purposes.
As a consequence, resources inherent to inter-firm network relations are called network resources (Gulati, 1999), and the economic rent derived from these relationships can be named relational rent.
Barney, 1986, 1997: 138-141: Conner, 1991; Montgomery and Wernerfelt, 1988; Peteraf, 1993; Wernerfelt, 1984), resource picking is the main mechanism for the creation of economic rent.
The people of Merthyr, Torfaen, Rhondda, Cwmbran and Newport - some of the most deprived areas in Europe - have been beaten by their own socialist representatives, and never had a chance of seeing their interests considered or the implementation of the changes they so desperately need whilst their purported leaders had so much to gain from the perversion of taxing wealth production rather than recouping for the community the economic rent it created.
In their view, the sales process itself can result in policyholders paying a higher price, which generates economic rent and, therefore, a gain at issue for the insurer.
As a result, says Roy, "Alberta has among the lowest share of royalties and lowest share of economic rent in the world.
When it has run its liabilities down to the final ghetto in 2022, the economic rent for a three-bedroomed house (required to maintain the present Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing circus) will be pounds 2,300 per week.
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