economic rent

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the return derived from cultivated land in excess of that derived from the poorest land cultivated under similar conditions

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Consequently, continuing political instability is a possible result of the high levels of economic rent.
He offered three separate economic rents for the property: monthly rent for the retail space; monthly rent for the car service area; and monthly rents for the apartments.
Serial number of the object of the contract: 1stName of the object of the contract: Provision of catering contract professional soldiers and employees of the Ministry of Defence - members of the ECS 8116 TrencE[degrees]n and Central Military Hospital SNP Ruzomberok clinic for TrencE[degrees]n, catering facilities in 8116 HL TrencE[degrees]n form of economic rent Military catering facilities ECS 8116 TrencE[degrees]n.
Similarly, the firm can reduce the waiters' economic rent by giving each waiter fewer tables to serve or requiring him to do nontipped activities as well.
When the calculation is run for Rent, economic rents ([ER.
Different assumptions are made in the following discussion of economic rent seeking.
In this article, I summarize the scope of existing entrepreneurship theory, then expand three of its tenets: (1) entrepreneurship as a phenomenon of business enterprise; (2) economic rent as the source of entrepreneurial reward; and (3) uncertainty as the source of economic rent.
Part 1: All-day dining Contracting professional soldiers and employees of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic Pre ov IC 6335, IC 1037 Martin, IC 2215 and IC 3030 Pre ov Elected in 6335 catering facilities ECS precise form of economic rent catering equipment ECS 6335 Pre ov.
Meals employees in the form of economic rent kitchen MPRV SR.
Those who place a low value on the non-pecuniary aspects of the job earn an economic rent due to the higher wage and thus are less likely to quit.
There are a number of campuses around the university, so why not build more subsidised, rented, one-bedded flats for students at an economic rent on redundant sites - the former Wiggins Teap site at Ely Bridge, Dumballs Road, the BBC site at Llandaff or the Roath Dock area.
The existing structure was created in an era of large lowcost fields when there was a strong case for taxing the economic rent which was being generated.
It is therefore necessary to research and analyse costs and yields in order to investigate the economic rent of Kluai Homthong for growers in the production cycle in Banlad.
The HRCP computes the current-period economic rent and the 6-month-previous economic rent for each housing unit each time it is on-panel.
In other words, LDCs may seek specialization in a narrowly defined segment of activities in the value chain and may also capture a certain amount of economic rent.
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