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any process affecting the production and development and management of material wealth

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In the meeting, the Turkish ambassador confirmed his country's keenness to support the political and economic process in Yemen.
Such dynamics of demographic, political and economic process will
process, we see an economic process that can help people develop the economy
This adversely affects the development and economic process and threatens individuals and societies, he said in a statement on the eve of International Anti-Corruption Day yesterday.
This a significant indication of the Royal attention from His Majesty the Sultan for consumer protection in the Sultanate, as the consumer is seen a factor in the economic process and hence his rights should be kept and he is to be protected against unacceptable commercial practices.
Speaking to AA correspondent, al-Kabir said that Libya passed through a difficult economic process after the uprising that began in the country in February 2011.
The Component part of mechanism, as a rule, are an instruments--a resource, not spent in economic process, but supporting it, which also must find its reflection in its structure.
Corruption, for example is clearly not good for the economic process as it diminishes moral and human capital and creates inefficiencies in the market by increasing transaction costs.
It offers considerably shortened and more economic process, to meet the increasing demand by textile companies, for a wide range of shades of polyester/cotton blends.
Hence, in bringing order to 'production and distribution processes', all societies will have integrating institutions, albeit in diverse forms, that compel and drive the economic process (Polanyi 1944: 47).
If we are to escape from a continuation of this destructive economic process, we surely need a new economic system based on true assumptions that are rational and real.
SulphCo ((NYSE Amex:SUF), a Houston-based company that develops patented safe and economic process employing ultrasound technology to alter the molecular structure of crude oil and crude oil products, has signed a letter of intent with Laguna Development Corporation.
The purpose of the paper is to revaluate the logic and epistemological bases of the economic science with the purpose to overpass several incoherencies or inconsistencies of the veridical, or at least verisimilar, modeling if the economic process.
The 34th Annual Summit of the Islamic Development Bank will be held from May 2 to 3 to discuss global economic process, various activities of IDB, the bank`s financial bills and its funds.
He maintains that the Libyan economic philosophy itself is based on the very idea that every individual must take part in the production of goods and services and hence the Libyan oil wealth should be redistributed in a way to allow every Libyan to take part in the economic process in the country.