economic mobilization

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mobilization of the economy

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The second half of the book examines investigations that sought to determine "the role of the War and Navy Departments in economic mobilization.
Nathan is best known for his use of estimates of gross national product (GNP) to develop the Nation's plans for economic mobilization during World War II.
The book is divided in two parts: in the first one Curli examines the economic mobilization of the war period and the processes of mobility which concerned the female work force.
His informing bias, always visible, is in believing that a decade of warfare, requiring in both Britain and America extreme levels of popular and economic mobilization, was transformative, not only of the imperial relationship, but at the deeper psychological level at which people consent to be governed.
It is not a study of economic mobilization, but rather a narrower work about industrial mobilization.
Examining the economic mobilization of the adversaries including suggesting parameters for measuring the degree of totality of war.
Schwartz--who roughed out a sketch of the two-sided economic accounts that were prepared during World War II to provide information needed for economic mobilization.
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