economic geology

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the branch of geology that deals with economically valuable geological materials

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2) PhD Economic geology, assistant professor, Mining Engineering Department, Lahijan branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan, Iran.
experience in economic geology and mineral resource management in gold
1970, Geology and Economic Minerals of Canada: Geological Survey of Canada, Economic Geology Report #1.
He took his doctoral degree in Economic Geology from Cornell University in the United States.
The award, bestowed to a geoscientist less than 40 years of age, recognizes those who have made significant contributions to a field generally referred to as economic geology.
Quartz for fibre optics and solar cells, olivine for the iron metallurgy industry, ilmenite for the paint industry, limestone for numerous purposes, and refined dimension stone products are examples that probably only describe the beginning of a relatively new field in economic geology.
Giudice is a geologist with a bachelor's degree from the University of New Hampshire and master's degree in economic geology from the University of Arizona.
Park covers types of rocks, their dating, geologic periods and forces, and the field of economic geology.
Austin, Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, 1:250 000, 1 sheet.
1994, The paleohydrology of southeast Missouri Mississippi Valley-type deposits: Interplay of faults, fluids, and adjoining lithologies, Economic Geology, v.
When giving public testimony, Reed said, he referred to himself as a professor of geology, specializing in mineral resource geology and economic geology, and not a "registered geologist.
The compiled extant papers, including correspondence, consulting reports, research papers, legislative reports, and newspaper articles of Michael Tuomey (1805 - 1857) provide an excellent source on the significance of early geologic mapping, economic geology, and paleontology research in Alabama.
The government of Pakistan should allocate more funds for carrying out scientific research particularly in the field of economic geology.
Piney Kesting talked to the man who in the 1960s hoped to start an Egyptian school of economic geology but ended up becoming an international authority on deserts.
Gross has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from the University of Wisconsin, and holds a Master's Degree in Economic Geology from the University of Arizona.
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