economic geography

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the branch of geography concerned with the production and distribution of commodities

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Why do geographers, increasingly confident that they are practicing the "right" sorts of economic geography, now feel the need to demean the work of regional scientists who are also keenly interested in issues related to location, space, and the region?
They have studied the regularly-occurring phenomenon in economic geography that parallels what Isaac Newton discovered about gravity.
He added: "If the objective of this is to transform the economic geography of the UK, you'd go about it in a different way to the way that is being proposed in ministerial speeches and DfT consultation documents.
And there is evidence that a better fit between administrative boundaries and the real, underlying economic geography, strengthens economic performance across the city-region.
He then uses this perspective to bludgeon four topics in contemporary economic geography, including Marxism, critical realism, the localities issue, and the flexible production literature.
unskilled labor, adding new territories into a trading system, interregional trade, the new economic geography, and global patterns of manufacturing activity.
This is a varied and diverse economic geography and one thing I have learnt over the past 12 months is both areas are demonstrating strong and sustainable growth.
That puts me in a position where I don't think that is the optimum economic geography for the sub-region.
In this work for students and scholars in global media studies, economic geography, and cultural studies, Keane (creative industries, Queensland University of Technology, Australia) demonstrates that China's recent openness to outside ideas has led to an explosion of growth in China's creative industries and the arts, which the author argues is essential for the renewal of Chinese society.
Having previously lectured at the University of Sheffield and Uwic, Prof Huggins was appointed chair of economic geography at Cardiff University and director of its Centre for Advanced Studies earlier this month.
The second group of 19 German students came from the Institute of Economic Geography, University of Duisburg-Essen on March 22.
A high-speed link between London and the North East of England and onwards to Scotland, offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform the economic geography of the country, supporting economic growth and international competitiveness.
Chad Steinberg, International Monetary Fund, "Shakedown: Economic Geography Meets the Kobe Earthquake"
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