economic crisis

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a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment

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Economic Crisis and Policy Regimes: The Dynamics of Policy Innovation and Paradigmatic Change
aim to assess efforts to deal with the economic crisis and to discuss economic
For this application, the Commission gives the same explanation as for the Austrian application: the rapid decline in demand for cars caused by the financial and economic crisis.
lt;p>AaAaAa This crisis, which demonstrated the limits of ultra-liberalism and impacted negatively the dynamics of growth in Africa, threatens food security, increases unemployment and leads to a sharp reduction in exports from African countries, said President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbe, in a speech read on his behalf by Togolese Foreign Minister, Koffi Esaw, at the opening of a symposium on "globalization and development: the impact of the global economic crisis on aid to African countries.
Protesters and police have clashed in Paris at the end of a union rally held to denounce the French government's handling of the economic crisis.
It also showcased a number of international practices and successful case studies and scenarios for forecasting and managing economic crisis.
government are not just mishandling our economic crisis.
Economic Crisis proved a bargain buy at 5,000 euros for Berry in 2010 and he remembers: "That was at Tattersalls in Ireland and she was a little thing then - she hasn't grown much - but it doesn't matter how big they are if they have a big heart like she has.
Islamabad -- 52% Pakistanis are not satisfied with the performance of the government in controlling the economic crisis says Gilani Research Foundation (GRF Polls) carried out by Gallup Pakistan.
com)-- After the world economic crisis in 2000/2001, car production in the world and in particular in China, developed essentially in parallel.
Their topics include how the sovereign debt crisis changed the euro zone, some thoughts on the internal market in a time of crisis, whether modernizing European Union public procurement rules during the economic crisis signals protectionism on the rise, the European Union tax policy during the economic and financial crisis, the role and shape of intellectual property rights as the European Union moves out of the economic crisis, and whether it was a wasted crisis.
The study on "The economic crisis and demographic challenges in Cyprus", argues that the Cypriot society is facing a huge demographic problem, but it cannot be addressed without first ending the economic crisis and moving to recovery.
The Egyptian stock market indices continued to drop for the fourth consecutive day, reportedly affected by the Greek economic crisis, the drop in China's capital market and domestic fears of militant attacks.
The newspaper, which argued there was no economic crisis in Turkey, fired 170 journalists over an economic crisis," a user on Twitter wrote to show the contrast between the newspaper's editorial line and their argument in the unprecedented mass layoff of the journalists.
Industrial restructuring in Asia; implications of the global economic crisis.
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