economic consumption

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(economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing

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In China, the GRDI's number three country, a $585 billion stimulus package and efforts to boost economic consumption are showing early signs of success as retail sales have grown in early 2009.
Back then I was struck by America's ambient tension, the perpetually unsatisfied gluttony of a nation of economic consumption units: a disunited, brittle society of competitors fraught with the accompanying pathologies of envy and fear.
If our expectations of stronger economic consumption by private householders, and for domestic demand as a whole are not fulfilled, we would accordingly revise our assessment in accordance with our monetary policy," he said in an interview.
The tax rebate will result in some economic consumption among low-income people, and the expensing for businesses will have an immediate impact," says Jefferson.
This ultracapacitor buffer also allows utilities to operate their generators at maximum efficiency as opposed to ramping power generation up and down which results in less economic consumption of fossil fuels burned by their generators.
The Brazilian purchasing power has increased significantly during the past few years creating an improved level of economic consumption and prompting growth in all areas of the economy while at the same time the country is experiencing a stabilization of inflation," Mr.
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