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However, some economic experts, especially in the US, fear that discontinuing economic aid will result in the loss of influence in the region.
Economic aid helps countries transition to multiparty systems but it is democracy aid which is more likely to encourage consolidation.
For the first time since former president Hosni Mubarak's resignation, fewer than six in 10 Egyptians say they favor economic aid from fellow Arab governments in the region.
Pro-Israel US lawmakers recently froze some $200 million in economic aid to the Palestinians after leader Mahmoud Abbas sought statehood at the United Nations, although they did not hit security funding.
Senate are to allocate part of military aid to economic aid and to put programs to secure the border in the Sinai and the Egyptian army has to fulfill its international obligations, especially the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.
Meanwhile, French Finance Minister Francois Baroin said the Group of Eight countries agreed to increase economic aid for Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan following political turmoil earlier this year.
President Lee has been adamant in withholding dialogue with and economic aid for North Korea until it offers an apology for the torpedoing of a South Korean warship and the shelling of a South Korean island last year.
Summary: President Barack Obama will unveil an economic aid program for Egypt and Tunisia later as part of an effort to support democratic reform.
should curtail economic aid to Pakistan unless that government stops harbouring insurgent groups that target American troops in neighbouring Afghanistan.
This is despite the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC's) March 10 announcement of a $20 billion economic aid support package over ten years, to be shared equally between the two governments.
In 2009 and 2010, the economic aid amounted to $250m, while military aid reached $1.
S Vice President Joe Biden arrived here on Wednesday for talks with Pakistani leaders on cooperation against the militants and more military and economic aid to the country, sources said.
First Vice Foreign Minister Kang Sok Ju, who negotiated a deal with the US in 1994 to freeze and ultimately dismantle North Korea's nuclear reactor in exchange for economic aid, was promoted to Vice Premier, who oversees the country's foreign policy, the North's official Korean Central News Agency reported.
An additional $4 billion is for the State Department to fund the "civilian surge," bringing economic aid to Afghanistan.
Without SDF participation in antiterrorism activities related to Afghanistan, the government will inevitably face criticism that the country has once again resorted to the so-called checkbook diplomacy approach, in which it provides economic aid and investment but no security personnel.
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