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an economist who uses statistical and mathematical methods

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Hansen suggests that economists populate their models with agents who behave just like econometricians who construct simple and useful provisional models and revise them as needed in response to statistical evidence.
Suppose that a Bayesian econometrician is interested in characterizing his beliefs about parameters of interest [THETA] after having observed a sample of data [y.
10) Some of them emphasize the detailed mechanism of econometric procedures and aim to train the next generation of econometricians.
By the mid 1980s, I was a professionally successful econometrician with a comfortable position as professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
They came across a large deer, and the first econometrician took aim and fired, missing the deer by three feet to the left.
I do not propose to conduct this kind of examination, although I was once a practicing econometrician.
Super Cruncher is a new book by Ian Ayres, an econometrician and law professor at Yale.
Ayers, an econometrician and a lawyer, makes a case that may revolutionize that mind-set.
In general, before starting the analysis, the econometrician will combine prior information about the distribution of the unknown parameters, called the prior distribution and denoted by p([theta]), with the "likelihood" of observing the data, given values for the parameters and the unobserved factor.
Abstract The improvement of data statistics as well as the econometrician methods have facilitated the introduction the new variables and factors I the economic growth analysis.
The book is the culmination of 25 years of research by Victor Tremblay, who has studied demand analysis, the effects of advertising and corporate strategies of the brewing industry, and his wife, Carol Horton Tremblay, an applied econometrician.
the econometrician uses his general knowledge of the political atmosphere in the country .
Therefore, comparing older households with younger households leads the econometrician to overstate assets when young and to understate assets when old when looking at a particular year.
In short, the rigor of the econometrician is combined with the resourcefulness of the historian to produce an analysis of interest to economists, political scientists, and policy-makers.
But most railway historians, it seems, have remained 'trainspotters' to a man--in the pre-Irvine Welsh sense--combining the enthusiasms of the hobbyist and the econometrician in scholarly mimicry of that singular British type.