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the application of mathematics and statistics to the study of economic and financial data

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The authors demonstrate econometrically that the graduation rate declines by 4.
Every quarter, the Fair model is econometrically re-estimated and updated.
Our empirical research is aimed at two main objectives: the first is to test econometrically whether the mentioned four independent variables are significant for the Russian PAI contestability estimation; the second is to estimate every independent variable with descriptive statistics in order to see whether it is significant for Russian PAI.
It is extremely difficult to correct econometrically for all the human variations in characteristics, and I believe at least some of the wage differentials that the authors associate with education relate to the fact that typically college graduates are brighter, harder working, and more dependable, than those who leave school after getting a high school diploma.
But, when our analysis econometrically controls for fixed state and year of birth effects, the relationship between rates of disadvantage and early childbearing is found to be quite modest.
The fact we have had to work so hard to rescue this model, econometrically speaking, suggests that we should take our equation with a very large pinch of salt.
Econometrically, the only modification to Hamilton's procedure would be to allow the relevant dummy variables to interact with the slope coefficient in equation (26).
In a seminal paper, Roll (1977) contends that, irrespective of how an index is structured econometrically, it is impossible to construct a market index that will include all the assets in the universe.
Just as they do in rational expectations models, the cross-equation restrictions that emerge out of models with boundedly rationality and learning provide potentially powerful channels through which key parameters can be econometrically identified and through which key hypotheses can be econometrically tested.
To capture dynamic relationships in the data that are not modelled by his simple equations, he imposes an econometrically estimated structure on the disturbances to the model.
The distinction of Lucas's work is that it is based on new (mathematical) techniques coupled to GE theory and is testable econometrically.
The updated forecasts also take into account the potential effects of a war with Iraq Such effects have been measured econometrically for each market and segment, based on the Gulf War experience of 1991, and have been applied to the lodging demand forecasts for the 2nd quarter of 2003.
The familiar own price elasticity of demand equation [eta] = %[DELTA]Q/%[DELTA]P can be rewritten econometrically as:
The authors construct a computable general equilibrium model that is then estimated econometrically.
For example, John Abowd's paper focuses on the employer/employee interface; in particular the old and important labour economics puzzle presented by the finding that only about 40% of the cross sectional variation in earnings can be explained econometrically by differences in observed characteristics of worker themselves (education, age, sex, etc).