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the application of mathematics and statistics to the study of economic and financial data

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Econometrical analyses usually confirm the following relationship at the national level: budgetary deficits or public debts increase national long term interest rates.
They only serve to prove that the available statistical data is not sufficient to create a comprehensive econometrical model that would include all the variables related to economic growth and development (10).
The analysis and modeling (multiple regression and correlation method, statistical analysis of descriptive indicators, testing the validity of regression models) will be achieved with the help of special econometrical software (Cristache, Vuta, Gruiescu et al, 2011).
From the description above, it can be seen that there are three main notions in spatial econometrical analysis, namely spatial interconnections or spatial dependencies, spatial heterogeneities, and spatial locations of observations.
A great number of studies has devoted to the housing demand and its determinants using different econometrical and/or statistical analyses.
When time-series data is used in econometrical analysis, several preliminary statistical steps must be undertaken.
The paper contributes to the body of the existing research by the extensive econometrical analysis of the influence of the institutional factor over the demand for life and non-life insurances.
Moreover, the analysis of obtained results can be further improved by using better statistical and econometrical methods that are currently unavailable to the authors.
Dimitropoulos, Asteriou (2009) concluded that the price model produced less biased ERCs than the return model but faced econometrical problems.
An interesting econometrical test concerning the performance of for-profit (private companies) and non-profit (public management and NGO's) juvenile correctional facilities can be found in Bayer and Pozen (2005).
This research was conducted by applying econometrical approach to sunflower which is grown in Edirne, Kirklareli and Tekirdag provinces in Thrace Region and by setting up an equation only related to sunflower production via factor analysis.
From an econometrical standpoint, there is substantial agreement on the statistical significance of the institutional channel of geography.
In this study we began the analysis with exploratory econometrical tests of the impact on financial statements information, as a proxy, we identify evidence of the impact of innovation in two ways: first, cost reductions (measured by the decrease on operative expenses on the Income Statement), second, new long term investment in terms of new plant or equipment acquisition that support new product or service' characteristics to offer (measured by the increase on fixed assets on the Balance Sheet).
In the econometrical analysis, we will first try to explain the revenue performance of the airports' specialty retail and F&B (i.
Some of these encompass highly sophisticated econometrical and mathematical models and tools.