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a biologist who studies the relation between organisms and their environment

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Sabine Nouvet, conservation officer for the National Trust, has been given one of three Alfred Toepfer funding awards for young ecologists in Europe.
A SMALL village in Wales could be an outpost for the rare and tiny dormouse, according to ecologists.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian and Russian ecologists announced ambitious plans to return Caspian Tigers as well as Asiatic cheetahs, which disappeared some half a century ago in their countries, to the wild.
It is illegal to move a sleeping water vole and so plans to reconfigure the brook faced months of delays if ecologists failed to move them on.
Ecologist Stephen Prosser, who conducted the survey, said: "Bats are important for biodiversity.
Dr Bill Pickering, a qualified botanist and plant ecologist, could now be ordered to clear the agricultural land behind his cottage, near Rothbury, of trees and vegetation following the outcome of his bid.
EXPERT: Sir John Lawton is an eminent ecologist and outspoken on global warming
Richard Birch, principal ecologist with Capita Symonds at Colwyn Bay, was addressing an Institution of Civil Engineers Cymru meeting at the Kinmel Manor Hotel, Abergele.
This arrangement is a very positive step forward and in some ways this pooled resource may achieve more than one city ecologist could.
Despite this, leading agency officials refused to drink either when asked to do so by green magazine The Ecologist.
Ecologist Stephen Forbes in a famous article written in 1887 described a lake in Illinois as a beneficent system; he went with the times, however, by replacing God with evolution.
He's an ecologist at Princeton University in New Jersey.