ecological succession

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(ecology) the gradual and orderly process of change in an ecosystem brought about by the progressive replacement of one community by another until a stable climax is established

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Ecological succession as an aspect of structure in fossil communities.
Details of ecological succession vary from one geographic region to the next due to individualistic life histories of species in varying climates and competitive environments (Walker & Chapin 1987).
Ecological succession is the biological phenomenon whereby one form of life takes the place of another as conditions in an area change - a phenomenon well-documented in plants and animals.
This prior knowledge, coupled with the intrinsic fascination most students have for the subject, allows me to connect forensic entomology to the more abstract topic of ecological succession in a meaningful way.
Ecological succession is conceptualized as the process by which a natural community moves from a relatively simple level of organization to a relatively more complex level of organization.
Ecological succession is defined as a non-seasonal, directional pattern of species change (Morin 1999).
It is reminiscent of the ecological succession which occurs when a pack of hunting dogs has made a kill.
Ecological succession, the "sequential change in vegetation and the animals associated with it" in a given ecosystem, is a key factor in ecological thought (Allaby 374).
It may be concluded that the conservation of these plants Fissidens taxifolius ,Grimmia pulvinata,Grimmia trichophylla, Grimmia doniana, Pottia lanceolata, Tortula subulata, play an important role in ecological succession.
Scientifically these dunes are probably most famous for the biological studies of Cowles (1899) that helped establish the principle of ecological succession.
The students competed individually and as a team to solve problems posed from the heady categories of soil profiles, water and air quality, environmental analysis and ecological succession.
Land cover changes re veal the environmental conditions and human actions that have shaped the landscape, including ecological succession, timber removal, and natural disturbances such as hurricanes.
The purpose of this research is to identify changes in the state of the Cox gully through time and the associated changes in land use, hydrology, and environmental conditions such as climate and ecological succession.
Instead, it is much more like the present model of ecological succession, where clusters of species rise, replace their predecessors at the top of the food chain, and are demoted, giving way to others.
Ecologists claim that, although the timber has matured, the forest still hasn't reached a climax stage - the final step in ecological succession - and thus lacks the level of biodiversity indigenous to the area.
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