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Synonyms for ecological


Synonyms for ecological

characterized by the interdependence of living organisms in an environment


of or relating to the science of ecology

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The president explained the disappearance of species led to an ecological imbalance, impinging on the environment.
Such natural calamities are direct fallout of the ecological imbalance caused by the environmental degradation by humans," he said.
Designed to rid fields of pests, it instead caused a major ecological imbalance, allowing insects to spread unchecked.
There are so many issues which can be discussed, such as economic ones, solutions for the recession, ways to tackle unemployment, removal of inequalities, ecological imbalance and inter-cultural, sports and other problems.
But the man-made ecological imbalance threatens these species with extinction.
The representative of the Social Liberal Party (PSL) pointed out that climate change is a constant threat to sustainable development, explaining that ecological imbalance and increasing pollution could lead in the short term to the disappearance of many plant and animal species.
Environmental protection is a permanent concern of scientists and all those who feel uncontrolled pollution as a factor that can also cause significant economic losses and irreversible ecological imbalance (Rusu, 2002).
We have lived on the planet without attention to the long-term effects of ecological imbalance and abuse.
IN turn, this disrupts the food chain and results in starvation and ecological imbalance.