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Synonyms for ecological


Synonyms for ecological

characterized by the interdependence of living organisms in an environment


of or relating to the science of ecology

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I joined the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE) to begin channelling my activist energy into a project that seeks to Influence the way society behaves.
In this issue, CANSEE hopes to demonstrate that ecological economics can be part of a unifying political path.
Ecological properties of plants are largely determined by their ability to colonize certain habitats.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the ecological diversity of plants, including a new version of the scales of D.
Provide ecological public products: Ecological public goods are nonexclusive and noncompetitive in the area of work and life, and are closely related to the nature, material and institutional type of public goods.
The "green equivalent" is defined as the minimum amount of green space required to ensure sufficient green biomass to deliver the same ecosystem services essentially--that is, the ecological function "equivalent" (Mao, 1998).
The purpose of this paper is to stimulate dialogue about the role of ecological validity in the occupational therapy process as a best practice.
The book responds by providing valuable guidance on how ecological sustainability of NTFP use and management can be assessed.
With children becoming less exposed to the outdoor environment due to degradation of large parts of the natural world, rapid growth in technological development and growing fear from adults, young students are facing an ecological identity crisis (Baudrillard, 1998; Thomashow, 1992).
The literature on ecological citizenship often presumes that states are, to a certain extent, responsible for creating the conditions and implementing the mechanisms for its practice (MacGregor and Pardoe, 2005; Dobson and Valencia Saiz, 2005).
In this timely study Van Wieren examines the theory and practice of ecological restoration to better understand its significance for environmental ethics.
This work is intended for students and new professionals involved in financing, administering, implementing, and evaluating ecological restoration projects.
Timothy Morton, The Ecological Thought, Cambridge, Mass.
The goal of the present study is to determine if there are relationships between the business community's role in society, the ecological impact of a firm's activities and products, the implications for the ecological strategies of firms, and the ecological impact of technological change.
Encompassing both economic and ecological security, high-income countries were ranked among the least healthy overall.