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a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment

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Some definitions imply that a reservoir comprises only one species; other definitions suggest that an ecologic system may act as a reservoir (16,18).
The reserve was established in 1925 in order to protect and study ecologic systems of middle mountainous, forest and partly subalpine areas, as wellGoygol, Maralgol, Zeligol and other mountain lakes.
He urged epidemiologists to, in his words, escape "the prison of the proximate"; that is, in the study of population health, epidemiologists should look beyond individual-level risk factors to the roles of social and ecologic systems.
The Minister also explained that "despite Lebanon' s small size and its limited gas emissions in comparison with other countries all over the world, it [Lebanon] is one of the countries mostly affected by the climate change, especially in the field of agriculture, water resources and ecologic systems.
EcoLogic Systems has been asked to clean up both Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom at the top of Hertford Street, along with Phoenix - the bronze by Allesley artist George Wagstaffe at the bottom of the street.
The scale at which ecologic systems are examined has implications, since disease frequency is less stable in local populations than in metapopulations (40).
The ADAM Field Companion, from Ecologic Systems, is a Tablet PC that uses environmental data collection and management software.
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