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Synonyms for ecologic

characterized by the interdependence of living organisms in an environment


of or relating to the science of ecology

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Part I describes distributional ecology, contrasting the ecologic approach that takes into account multiple layers of distributional data with an approach that only plots disease cases or absences.
EcoLogic is primarily an installer of spray foam and fiberglass insulation serving the Connecticut, New York and Northern New Jersey markets.
The decision to open the facility in Manteca was to better service the increasing demand for our sustainable products," explained Julie Corbett, founder and CEO of Ecologic Brands.
Kor Ecologic used a Fortus 900mc 3D production system from Stratasys (stratasys.
Unlike some other LPG vehicles on the road, the ecoLogic is pre-converted by Proton at no extra cost, saving the hassle of worrying about conversion.
The beauty of it is that the ecoLogic has a petrol tank and a gas tank and can run on either.
Crown ecologic represents the synergies that exist between environmental responsibility and sound I business management," said Crown I president Jim Dicke III.
Ecologic Transportation Inc (OTCBB: EGCT), a US-based holding company with wholly-owned subsidiaries dedicated to environmentally friendly transportation products and services, has replaced a traditional car washing service offered by Park N' Fly, an off-airport parking company, with its proprietary Ecologic Shine system.
Jim Kor, of the Kor Ecologic, said the process eliminated tooling, machining and handwork.
Summary: Geneva - The strategic choices of HM King Mohammed VI for socio-economic development are in line with the international economic, ecologic and ethical paradigms, said, on Friday, Morocco's Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva, Ambassador Omar Hilale.
His topics include the great questions of environmental ethics, the church and the environment, the industrial revolution and the church as the real historical roots of the ecologic crisis, the theological response to the ecologic crisis, the rise of the Christian faith-based organization in conservation, and the future landscape.
One of the most important attributes of the ZMC production facility is the modern waste-water treatment facility, which ensures ecologic responsibility.
The authors examined the utility of ecologic niche modeling (ENM) based on human and animal C.
The fuel-friendly GEN-2 ecoLogic can run on either unleaded petrol or LPG which retails at just under half the price of diesel and the GEN-2 ecoLogic costs no more than its petrol equivalents.
Douglas Laboratories is proud to offer InfaSkin Probiotic, a unique dietary supplement utilizing the specially designed multispecies probiotic known as Ecologic PANDA.
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