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the great circle representing the apparent annual path of the sun

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It was after tea on a summer evening, and the conversation, which had roamed in a desultory, spasmodic fashion from golf clubs to the causes of the change in the obliquity of the ecliptic, came round at last to the question of atavism and hereditary aptitudes.
com, Ecliptic will make its web development package, Digital Plastic(TM), available to the widest possible audience of WAP developers.
amp;uot;This is a great opportunity for us since we're all about enabling delivery of web content to as many different types of devices as possible,&uot; said Robert Sears, President of Ecliptic.
Ecliptic joins a growing list of alliances that includes content providers, application developers, tools providers and systems integrators using the Phone.
Digital Plastic is a trademark of Ecliptic Systems, Inc.