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the great circle representing the apparent annual path of the sun

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Within is another frame of meridians with the Ecliptic which, actuated by clockwork within the globe, makes one turn in twenty-four hours.
Remarkably, Copernicus used a similar model to advance his theory of trepidation -- which combined the oscillation of the equinoxes (a spurious notion) with a change in the obliquity of the ecliptic that is now acknowledged as an authentic motion of the Earth's axis -- using Mercury as a case study.
The direction is aligned with the ecliptic plane (the plane of the orbit of the planets around the sun), and with the equinoxes (the equatorial plane of supposedly insignificant Earth).
However, despite its elongation decreasing, the gradually changing angle of the ecliptic places Venus a little more favourably in December for those in northern temperate latitudes.
The astronomers found that a smaller fraction of tiny bodies occur among high-inclination asteroids than those near the ecliptic plane.
The moon reaches descending node along the ecliptic about 20 hours after the end of the eclipse, and reaches apogee just over six days later on 25 October.
The third book deals with what we would call the transformation of coordinates, or the projection of points of one great circle onto another, and concludes with theorems that can be interpreted as concerning the rising and setting times of arcs of the ecliptic.
The major solar-induced disturbances are described by terms in the formula of the geocentric ecliptic longitude of the Moon [11, 12].
1 Contemporary in looks and light source, the new Ecliptic pendant by Philips comes in anthracite or matte white and uses small surface-mountable power LEDs ($875).
The Roemer delay is the classical light travel time across the Earth's orbit, with a magnitude of ~500 cos[beta] seconds, where P is the ecliptic latitude of the pulsar (NRAO).
As the day went on Kelly's condition improved and it was revealed she had suffered an ecliptic fit, due to the condition eclampsia, which had caused her blood pressure to soar.
Examples of such arrangements can be mentioned as the inclination of the line passing over centers of the moon and the sun from the ecliptic during an eclipse, the direction marked on a horizon by the lunar latitude-line, by the moon's sickle or by the comets' tails.
At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun will rise to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic.
Punters ignored Bin Suroor despite having won two of the last five runnings of the feature Novae Bloodstock Insurance Ben Marshall Stakes and paid the price when Secrecy followed the stable's Kingsfort last year in defying the odds under an inspired Kieren Fallon frontrunning ride in the 1m Listed race, with Al Zarooni's second string Samurai Sword second and the odds-on Dettori-ridden Ecliptic only fourth.