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Synonyms for eclipse

Synonyms for eclipse

Synonyms for eclipse

be greater in significance than

cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention


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Astronomical calculations also confirm that it would be one of the two longest total lunar eclipses of the century.
A total of 85 total lunar eclipses, according to the scientists, will be taking place this century of which the longest total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27, 2018.
Atif Hassan, an amateur astronomer in Al Ain, said lunar and solar eclipses have different meanings for people of different civilisations and religions right from the Babylonians times to the present day.
Partial solar eclipses are not rare, but the timing of this astronomical event is unusual.
In the 20th century, solar eclipses on Christmas Day occurred in 1954 and 1935.
By using computers to calculate the dates and paths of solar eclipses visible in China during a certain period of the Shang dynasty, they found two candidates that appeared to fit the oracle-bone data.
The team then turned to records of five lunar eclipses during the same period of Chinese history.
While eclipses aren't the scientifically dramatic events they once were, they still provide an opportunity to contemplate how the Earth, its moon and the sun all relate to each other, according to Jonathon Hodge, director of the Santa Monica College Planetarium.
Historically, eclipses were the first evidence that convinced the Greek philosophers (around 400 B.
Astronomers can't completel decide what it is that eclipses the bright primary star of Epsilon Aurigae.
The best way to observe such an eclipse is by making repeated measurements at frequent intervals--of the changes in brightness of the object or of its spectrum to see which features appear, disappear or shift in wavelength as the eclipse progresses.
Eclipse is an open-source tools framework for IT professionals and software developers that has been promoted by the Eclipse Foundation (Ottawa, ON), a non-profit organization formed to advance the Eclipse platform.
The title has an initial controlled circulation of 30,000 IT professionals, software development managers and other qualified Eclipse buyers and decision-makers.