eclectic method

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making decisions on the basis of what seems best instead of following some single doctrine or style

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A Terrible Tragedy in a Duckpond' is never mentioned, and the eclectic method must here look like convenient editing.
The house room is back after last month's success, but most interesting is the debut of MTV favourites and mash-up specialists Eclectic Method.
Elliott continues in the tradition of the eclectic method of textual criticism: first, in supplying empirical linguistic reasoning for the omission of I6: 9-20, a useful nine pages of vocabulary, not always supplied by commentators.
The event will take place on Thursday, March 27 at The National Hotel, and will also feature performances by Grammy-nominated producer Carmen Rizzo and video remixers Eclectic Method.
Volkerpsychologie, with its eclectic methods and disciplinary breadth, appealed to polymaths Wilhelm Wundt and Willy Hellpach, the subjects of chapters two and three.
With utmost care, these two editors have compiled a rich assortment of ideas that examine eclectic methods of understanding.
By employing admittedly eclectic methods from the social sciences (including cross-cultural anthropological studies), Rivkah Harris in this book has studied myths and epics to glean insights concerning the topics of aging and gender in ancient Mesopotamia.
Eclectic methods are more pragmatic than the ideologies of radical cultural and political movements, which may explain why the editors of these collected essays encourage intellectual historians to expand their critical exchanges, "confront where their practices came from," and pursue "a more serious debate" on the current eclecticism itself (Rethinking, p.
After a perusal of this study we see clearly what he was: a Christian exegete who was ready to employ eclectic methods for the better understanding of the Scriptures.