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oblong cream puff

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She may be the wrong side of 40 and have trouble pulling young blokes, but Eclair showed there's life in the "old dog" yet.
Eclair gives a stunning performance as Carol, star of a TV docusoap and hero to the nation, or at least she was for a bit.
Middle |age under the microscope: Jenny Eclair at Arc, Stockton Above left: |Rob Newman in The Brain Show
Mango puree, 1 and a 1/2 cups; whipped cream, 3-4tbsp; milk, 1/2 cup; sugar, 5-6tbsp (depending on how sweet you want it); water, 1/2 cup; gelatin powder, plain, 3tsp More eclairs at Paul
And in the studio, Jenny Eclair is back doing her own stand-up gig.
Precisely named Black Eclair, the Opera looks simply stunning in its contrasting colours: the intense blackness of the case magnifying the [beaucoup moins que]EclairTM[beaucoup plus grand que] finish to perfection.
A REVAMPED venue in Barnard Castle is set to make an impact on the comedy circuit with its 2014 line-up that includes some of the brightest stars in stand-up from Jenny Eclair to Pete Firman.
Summary: Chef Sarkis Nehme picked up the best eclair shell -- 12 centimeters of airy, perfectly browned pate a choux -- and without a blink, he stabbed it three times with a ballpoint pen, blue ink tip straight into the pastry.
Donna-Lisa Healy snapped some of the most successful stand-up acts around, including Jenny Eclair, Rich Hall, Jack Dee and John Bishop, but her photos don't feature them laughing as they perform on stage.
Remarkably, Shareta is the third of those Vermeille winners, after Shawanda and Sharaya, to descend from the Baldric mare Shanizadeh, herself a descendant of the Aga's hugely influential Eclair.
One of the girls has now revealed details of her sleazy meetings with the IMF chief to Nord Eclair.
In which popular stage show has Jenny Eclair toured the UK with Dillie Keane and Linda Robson?
The eclair had a handmade appearance and was smothered in rich chocolate and oozing fluffy cream.
April 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- To meet the overwhelming demands associated with real-time high definition (HD) processing, Eclair Laboratoires, the leading digital film mastering facility in France, supplemented their existing 100TB-plus SGI(R) InfiniteStorage CXFS(TM) storage area network (SAN) with a complete storage and server workflow solution from SGI .
In the Grumpy Old Women worldof Jenny Eclair, Rhona Cameron andAnnette Badland, being grumpy alsoseemed to involve a lot of clamberingover furniture, gurning andshouting.