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having or producing no echo

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through the crack in that sky beyond hope the universal book, Guillen, the makers of verse are the fashioners of the emotions of the makers of a discordant registry, Levertov, all joined with the casters of bitter spells, Trilce, so that those who reside within me, without being in me--Rosalia, Cunqueiro--might invoke an echoless sky inside me
He went down onto the beach, and out along a concrete sewerage pipe to the water's edge, and dropped a stone with an echoless plop into the oily water, and stared at the motionless wide-flung arm of Port Melbourne around the Bay, at the chirruping distancedance there of the countless red and grey buildings; they chirruped softly and danced in the afternoon emptiness with a merciless cheery life.
These are truly airports for particles, predominantly bodily ones such as skin and hair (which also brings to mind Cage's tale of visiting an--anechoic an echoless, insulated, and therefore soundproof--chamber, in which he heard the high pitch of his nervous system and the low drone of his blood pumping).
He added that Barzani's initiative was aborted because the political entities did not abide by it, and became echoless among political corridors.
Consider, for instance, the following ambitious but dubious statement about Schoenberg: "with his death in 1951, the grand lineage he sought to uphold and advance petered out, adrift and echoless in a foreign land" (125).