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an infant's repetition of sounds uttered by others

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(psychiatry) mechanical and meaningless repetition of the words of another person (as in schizophrenia)

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As it turns out, this echolalia is a symptom of autism, but among autistic children it is a positive indication of their potential for linguistic and cognitive developme nt.
In their toddler years, they became very hyperactive, were nonresponsive to disciplinary efforts, had frequent uncontrollable tantrums and screaming, displayed erratic sleep patterns and evidenced echolalia.
He spoke in single words or short phrases, but also exhibited immediate and delayed echolalia.
We were excited by this possibility because while Ray communicated primarily with speech, much of his spontaneous vocalization consisted of delayed echolalia (i.
Just as the rave experience is all rhythm, timbre, and chromatic chaos, the patois patter of the mc's is drenched in what Kristeva calls the semantic fuzziness of slang: their free-style rap drivel is all assonance and echolalia, the voluptuousness and viciousness of primary oral/aggressive drives.
In this study, three boys (Dylan, Eddie, and Alex; ages 5, 7, 11) and one girl (Kelley, age 11) with autism exhibited one or more challenging behaviors in the form of off task behavior, screaming, aggression, elopement, verbal protesting, delayed echolalia, and/or property destruction.
I understand that I'm not that savvy with directions when my son's echolalia consists of "proceed to the route" because he has heard my phone constantly give me that command as I turn too early.
The effects of echolalia on acquisition and generalization of receptive labeling in autistic children.
Such children may also use stereotypies or occasionally echolalia to make their speech seem fluent.
The only subjects of speech described by Virno as engaged in actual speech acts are, indeed, solitary and even self centered figures: linguistic virtuosos, children engaged in exercises of echolalia and the faithful who pray to (a silent) God.
10) Psychologists have labeled two related versions of this condition as personality disorders: echopraxia, the unconscious (unwilled) over-imitation of another's actions, and echolalia, the unconscious over-imitation of another's speech.
Echolalia is often used as means to communicate and is typically more advanced in children without a language delay.
Speech disorder: reduction and stereotypy of speech; echolalia and perseveration.
She said: "Kyle can't talk properly and he suffers with echolalia, which means he repeats a lot of things people say.
She said: "Kyle cannot talk properly and he suffers with Echolalia, which means he repeats a lot of things people say.