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the formation of words in imitation of sounds


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There are just two references to Echoism in the entire database of the leading psychoanalytic journals and books, published between 1871 and 2015.
Is there a place for engaging with Echoism as a phenomenon in existential analysis, with its focus on the phenomenological, where the use of labels and diagnoses contradicts the very spirit of the approach?
Psychoanalytic theories of Narcissism relevant to an understanding of Echoism
Whether echoism is a learned way of being, or a transient or relational state?
Whether echoism is a pathological state or a particular organization of the personality?
For the purpose of this paper it is useful to describe two different types of echoism which may be experienced in the room, to consider how one might most usefully nurture the echoist to enable possible growth towards a more fluid existence as a being-for-itself.
I have found the psychoanalytic literatures of Herbert Rosenfeld and Ronald Britton on narcissism resonant with my ideas on Echo, in a way that serves to further my understanding of echoism.
Both vignettes give examples of the second type of echoism, the Selfdestructive echoist.
In both harmonism and echoism, the attraction is often mutual, but in prima copulism love, the object of desire usually does not feel reciprocal attraction at the start.