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an image of a structure that is produced by ultrasonography (reflections of high-frequency sound waves)


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Figure 1 (A-D): Echograms showing intraocular mass, calcification and high reflectivity on simultaneous A and B- scan.
Marine organisms aggregate at specific depths in the ocean and the scattered sound waves from these organisms can be recorded as a scattering layer on the echogram of an echo sounder.
No minimum signal level was used when creating echograms so they included signals from smaller organisms.
We determined desired sampling depth by locating "targets" as revealed by echograms and confirmed sampling depth with an acoustically linked depth indicator (Vemco VR-60) fitted to the trawl.
The process of judging echograms and assigning biological characteristics based on trawls is somewhat subjective.
First, background noise was estimated for each echosounder frequency and incoherently subtracted from the respective echograms of [S.
v] values in these "speed-filtered" echograms were preliminarily identified as echoes from fish with swim bladders if their sample-wise variance-to-mean ratio (VMR; Demer et al.
If the echograms contained fewer than 251 time intervals below the start of the first seafloor reflection, the last sample was repeated (padded) as many times as needed until the 251 sample requirement was fulfilled.