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an image of a structure that is produced by ultrasonography (reflections of high-frequency sound waves)


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This software produces 166 proprietary unitless echogram measurements (EMs) on the first seafloor echo for an internal principal components analysis (PCA), and then uses the first three principal components (PCs), generally accounting for more than 95% of the covariance (Ellingsen et al.
The IKMT was operated by observation of the DSL in the echogram, by making an oblique haul for 30 min.
Several diagnostic efforts, including a cardiac echogram, electrocardiogram, and an ear, nose, and throat workup, were carried out to determine the focus of infection but without convincing results.
The screening includes an ECG tracing,an echogram to check the heart muscle and blood, and a physical examination by a cardiologist.
The machine looks at the heart's rhythm and if there are any abnormalities, they will have an echogram, which will look into the heart's workings.
An echogram showed no radiologic evidence of liver candidiasis, although alkaline phosphatase was elevated (222 U/L; normal < 120 U/L).
The process of judging echograms and assigning biological characteristics based on trawls is somewhat subjective.
With radar, sonar, fish-finders and echograms she could pinpoint and capture whole schools of fish with chilling effectiveness.
First, background noise was estimated for each echosounder frequency and incoherently subtracted from the respective echograms of [S.