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an image of a structure that is produced by ultrasonography (reflections of high-frequency sound waves)


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Around 10 per cent of tests carried out on the day will need an echogram.
The IKMT was operated by observation of the DSL in the echogram, by making an oblique haul for 30 min.
An echogram of the abdomen was unrevealing, and a computed tomographic scan of the cerebrum showed no signs of an intracranial or sinus infection.
The same is true of other more sophisticated diagnostic activities such as EKG, echogram, ultrasound, and plain xray, which can now be completed wherever the patient is located.
The screening includes an ECG tracing,an echogram to check the heart muscle and blood, and a physical examination by a cardiologist.
A 46-year-old Japanese woman was incidentally noted to have an abdominal mass by an echogram during an annual examination.
The presence or absence of hepatic metastases was determined by liver scan, liver echogram, biopsy, or some combination of these liver echogram was done in 40 patients, and per cutaneous biopsy or laparotomy in few patients.
Detailed examination of the echogram measurements quantified the amount of collinearity, revealed the lack of standardization (subtraction of mean, division by standard deviation) before principal components analysis (PCA), and showed correlations of individual echogram measurements with depth and seafloor slope.
An echogram showed no radiologic evidence of liver candidiasis, although alkaline phosphatase was elevated (222 U/L; normal < 120 U/L).
Besides support groups for pregnant women and specific parenthood support programs, simple measures like echograms (Yarcheski, Mahon, Yarcheski, Hanks, & Cannella, 2009) and mental health care for women of fertile age (Alvarenga et al.
Black and white echograms printed in paper aboard fishing vessels (FV) were used to extract data and produce analysis based on visual scrutiny of echotrace classification of detected fish schools according to their shapes and relative abundance scores (e.