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a noninvasive diagnostic procedure that uses ultrasound to study to structure and motions of the heart

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An echocardiograph revealed a 14-mm vegetation on the aortic valve.
e BHF appeal is aimed at purchasing a 2D Echocardiograph at a cost of PS50,000 to improve qualities of imaging of heart structures - especially important in heart valve surgery.
Echocardiographs of all children (ages 4-18 years) were obtained.
After that early detection is the key through foetal echocardiographs.
Organised by the Tunisian Cardiology and Cardio-Vascular Surgery Association (STCCCV), this meeting gathers for three days echocardiographs from Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Mauritania, Benin, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, with an honour guest Austrian professor Raphael Rosenheck, specialist in valve cardiography.
Monaco hopes to create a lasting change by providing training for medical practitioners and offering much-needed equipment, such as echocardiographs.
The EchoCG examinations were provided by either of the echocardiographs Aloka 630 (Japan) and Aquson 128 (USA).
Echocardiographs suitable for assessing remodeling were available a year after treatment started for 455 patients on perindopril and 441 on placebo.