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a sonograph that creates an image of the heart and its abnormalities

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burnetii PCR of blood but no clear infectious focus on echocardiograph and FDGPET/CT scan.
Echocardiographs are specialised pieces of equipment, which look at the structure of the patient's heart.
I did an ECG which showed his heart to be larger than expected so I ordered an echocardiograph for him.
Elsewhere, in a study of heart disease in school children in rural Kenya using a colour-flow echocardiograph, Anabwani and Bonhoeffer [20] examined 1115 children and indicated that the prevalence rate of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) and trivial mitral regurgitation (TMR) was 3 and 6%, respectively.
Patients appeared to have chronic, blood culture-negative endocarditis; fever was usually present (90%), a vegetation was usually observed on echocardiograph (90%), and >90% of patients required valvular surgery.
He praised the initiative of front line staff in the region, such as the work of South Birmingham GPs with the University Hospital Trust cardiologists, which has resulted in echocardiograph tests on patients being carried out at doctors' surgeries, resulting in a waiting time fall from several months to just a few weeks.
Importantly, the Multi-Gas Monitor's echocardiograph (ECG) systems also use a unique combination of graphite leads and fiber optic transmission cables that are compatible with the MR scanner in order to get a safe and accurate signal to the monitor.
A transthoracic echocardiograph showed severe biventricular failure (ejection fraction 5%-10%); peak tropinin level was 6 mg/dL.
These include ZONARE's equine portable unit and Philips' echocardiograph system.
Echocardiographic images of the left and right ventricles, left and right atria and heart valves ware obtained using a Hewlett-Packard Sonos 2500 (Hewlett Packard, Andover, MA), echocardiograph from multiple parasternal, apical and subcostal views of the heart.
Teams must pay pounds 40 to register and each must raise a minimum of pounds 200 in sponsorship to go towards a portable echocardiograph machine for the Children's Hospital.
Consequently, a large percentage of echocardiograph studies are performed on patients with innocent heart murmurs.
The potential of such an interaction can be appreciated by the list of devices using impedance measurement technology: respiratory monitoring equipment (including apnoea monitors), cardiac monitoring equipment (lead-off function), echocardiograph equipment, and external defibrillators (5,6).
Money raised from the Brindleyplace Relay will help fund a portable echocardiograph machine for the Birmingham Children's Hospital, to enable quick and effective diagnosis of babies in intensive care units so that vital treatment can begin immediately.
Entry fee for the relay is pounds 40 per team of four, with each runner asked to raise a minimum of pounds 50 to help the BHF fund a portable echocardiograph machine for the Heart Unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital.