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not having or producing echoes

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The SmartAMC also includes advanced audio and modem features including wake-on-ring, audio game enhancement support and full duplex echo-free speakerphone.
Far field noise data measured in an echo-free chamber confirmed that the spheres can reduce noise in a high-temperature flow environment.
Combined with Conexant's highly adaptive voice preprocessing algorithms, including Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation, De-reverberation, Noise Reduction, and Selective Source Pickup(TM), the solution delivers distortion-free, echo-free voice signals to VoIP apps and Local/Cloud-based speech recognition engines.
The researchers hung their creation from the ceiling of an echo-free chamber, pointed a speaker at it and played a range of sound frequencies.
Two-dimensional transthoracic echocardiography showed normal-sized cardiac chambers and a large echo-free space behind the right atrium (Fig.
Cam Optia AF makes video conferencing in busy locations clear and echo-free, using dual adaptive array microphones and Live
The new line of ADTRAN IP Phones offers a wide range of traditional and advanced enterprise-grade features, including high-resolution multi-touch displays, USB ports, Bluetooth, xHTML microbrowser and a full duplex hands-free speakerphone that utilizes legendary Acoustic Clarity Technology for excellent sound quality and noise-free and echo-free conversation.
2) presented a case of membrane-like structure which seems to be the roof of LAA cavity and the echo-free space below might be localized pericardial fluid within the pericardial sinus.
Installation of Tellabs' broadband VERITY echo cancellation system enables Verizon Wireless to enhance voice quality and provide echo-free calls and consistent audio levels.
We designed it from the ground up to ensure a cut-out-free, echo-free clear means of communication for audio conferencing that takes advantage of the pure-IP communication offered with our iPECS telephony systems.
ADI's DSP features a 16-bit DMA port and fast context switching, allowing Ascend to deliver optimum QoS levels for low-distortion, echo-free and delay-free conversations over a managed IP network.
Echo cancellation eliminates possible echo when speaking without a headset, so users no longer need to wear one to ensure an echo-free experience.
The DSP's large, on-chip memory enables fast contact switching to take place in real time, allowing Ascend to deliver optimum QoS levels for low-distortion, echo-free and delay-free conversations over the Internet.
Sub-band Acoustic Echo Cancellation: A high-performance sub-band acoustic echo-cancellation algorithm eliminates speaker-to-microphone feedback while preserving natural sounding voice for high-quality, echo-free voice conversations.
The ATS6121 single microphone and ATS6122 dual microphone solutions are available for immediate design-in for customers that seek loud, noise-free, echo-free remarkably clear voice quality in their Bluetooth car kits.