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a measuring instrument that sends out an acoustic pulse in water and measures distances in terms of the time for the echo of the pulse to return

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The vertical movements were primarily centered on depths that corresponded with the greatest echo sounder target densities (e.
The launch featured the first demonstration in the Middle East of the Kongsberg EM2040 Multibeam Echo Sounder, the first system to bring all the advanced features of deep water multibeams to the near bottom sounding environment.
The planned vessel to be purchased is equipped with a multi-beam echo sounder and it is supposed to survey the sea bottom and the data collected is used in mapping in international navigation.
For each GPS position information (every two seconds), X and Y coordinates were recorded along with the value Z (depth) collected by the digital echo sounder.
First, we looked at the sub-bottom stratigraphy--the layer-cake structure of the sediments, using an acoustic source--and second, we looked in plan view at the shape of the sea floor using a multi-beam echo sounder, which produces a very nice digital elevation model in a swath several kilometres wide to either side of the ship.
The contract covers delivery of active navigation and mine avoidance sonars as well as multi-beam echo sounder systems for upgrading Norway's six Ula class submarines.
The Norwegian minehunter HNOMS TYR was taking part in this week's multi-national training exercise when its echo sounder revealed the sunken vessel.
Over the following four weeks, scientists used a multibeam echo sounder to collect more than 10,000 kilometers of bathymetric data on the Chukchi Borderland, a large undersea continental shelf stretching more than 500 miles from the Alaskan shore.
Like the Sunseeker Manhattan 66 flybridge motor yacht, which comes complete with teak bathing platform and an electronic echo sounder speedlog.
David Stenhouse, operations manager for Tynemouth Inshore Lifeboat, said: "Fishing boats checking where the Jann Denise 2 was last spotted picked up an unexplained reading on their echo sounder.
Because the sea's water has unusually-high corrosive characteristics, the ROVs were protected with both conventional and aluminium anodes and equipped with an echo sounder, a side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler.
Surely we could motor slowly in, keeping a close eye on the echo sounder,'' urged the wife, who had her heart set on a nice dinner at a harborside cafe.
In the 1950s, Bruce Heezen of Columbia University's Lamont Geological Observatory collected wide-beam echo sounder cross sections of the rift valley and correctly surmised that it is part of a global rift system that wraps around the earth like the seam of a baseball.