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a self-report personality inventory based on Hans Eysenck's factor analysis of personality which assumes three basic factors (the two most important being extraversion to introversion and neuroticism)

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Echo Planar Imaging has received significant media attention recently, most notably with an extensive article in The New York Times.
InstaScan, Advanced NMR System's implementation of Echo Planar Imaging technology, utilizes rapidly oscillating gradients to spatially encode MRI signals, and allows a series of "freeze frame" images to be generated from a single electronic pulse.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced NMR Systems (NASDAQ: ANMR), the industry leader in high-speed Echo Planar Imaging technology, today announced the final acceptance, pursuant to a previously announced purchase order, of its Instascan magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York.
Featuring some of the most advanced MRI applications available in the industry, the Vantage offers a wide range of optional packages for cardiac imaging advanced Echo Planar Imaging, Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging, Peripheral Angiography, Fresh Blood Imaging, SuperFASE (Fast Advanced Spin Echo) Imaging and Body Vision.
The report also covers adoption trends of new procedures such as echo planar imaging, MR spectroscopy, cardiac-approved MRI, functional MRI, and multi-channel MRI.