echo chamber

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an enclosed space for producing reverberation of a sound

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The researchers then used an exponential random graph (ERG) model-a complex statistical model for analyzing data about social and other networks-to test for the presence and significance of echo chambers among members of the U.
Instead of seizing this opportunity to confront problems such as funding for Medicare and Social Security, climate change, energy challenges or threats to global stability, we have retreated to partisan echo chambers where we comfort our friends and demonize our opponents.
Rather than content themselves to stay in the echo chambers of those who agreed with them, they engaged those who didn't.
No, we report to different political echo chambers each morning.
FROM the outset the American right and their pathetic echo chambers here have been determined to wreck China's Olympic Games, or at least to diminish them in the way the Moscow Olympics of 1980 were.
The Exhibition Hall was abuzz with conversations about the latest products and services available to take franchise systems to higher levels of operation; concurrent sessions were echo chambers of advice sharing and the Taste of Franchising event was filled with the sights and aromas of flavorful branded foods.
The lesson to many Democratic bloggers was simply not to participate in echo chambers.
Traffic to both sites is growing healthily, at the cost of dividing much of the political blogosphere into left-wing and right-wing echo chambers.
Unfortunately, the truth about voting fraud--that it is largely unsubstantiated allegation--is increasingly drowned out in the echo chambers of state legislatures.