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Like other echinoids that have been tested, purple sea urchins probably can tolerate, for hours or days, mild to moderate hypoxia (> 0.
It is Paleocene in age and associated with shallow marine environment due to abundance of coralline algae, gastropods, pelecypods, echinoid fragments and other skeletal debris.
Ultralow-temperature freezers would be required to maintain temperatures between -70[degrees]C and -80[degrees]C, a rather impractical proposition for commercial-scale echinoid culture.
This echinoid plays a central role in controlling macrophyte communities on rocky habitats because it is capable of depleting erect algae (e.
Digestion, absorption, and assimilation of prepared feeds in echinoids.
Echinoids, epizootics and ecological stability in the rocky subtidal off Nova Scotia, Canada.
Shells, crabs, echinoids, and wood placed in the brine pool show very little taphonomic alteration (Site 3, Fig.
Diversity of Cenozoic marsupiate echinoids as an environmental indicator.
Their work reveals that Clipsham limestone used to repair the Gothic parliament building since the 1920s includes the fossils of echinoids or sea urchins dating back to the Middle Jurassic period more than 160 million years ago.
Reproductive periodicity of the echinoids Diadema and Echinometra on the two coasts of Panama.
Comparing patterns of evolution: larval and adult life history stages and ribosome RNA of post-Paleozoic echinoids.
The tooth was neatly cemented within the calcarenite along with whole echinoids and the abundant calcareous nodules.