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Effect of marinating and vacuum storage at 6[degrees]C on the fate of chemical, microbial and sensory quality indices of echinoid gonads Paracentrotus lividus Lamark, 1816.
On the basis of adult morphology, many characters among extant cidaroids can be considered to represent the basal echinoid condition.
Effects of seasonality and population density on the reproduction of the Indo-Pacific echinoid Echinometra mathaei in Kenyan coral reef lagoons.
Local attraction of echinoids to food has been demonstrated in field (Harding & Scheibling 2015) and laboratory studies (Garnick 1978, Mann et al.
Distribution and abundance of the echinoid Diademasetosum (Echinodermata) on sediment-stressed coral reefs in Singapore.
Efficiency of organic matter absorption by the tropical echinoid Diadema antillarum Philippi fed non-macrophytic algae.
azora in Riodinini is reinforced by the position of spiracles, presence of echinoid setae, and absence of tentacle nectary organs, which are all typical features of this tribe (Harvey, 1987; Kaminski, 2008).
The differential effects of seasonal stress and predation on the stability of reef-flat echinoid populations.
It is Paleocene in age and associated with shallow marine environment due to abundance of coralline algae, gastropods, pelecypods, echinoid fragments and other skeletal debris.
The occurrence of the sand dollar echinoid Periarchus lyelli in the Upper Eocene Caddell Formation of Texas is confirmed.
Differencial survivorship, reproduction, growth and nutrient allocation in the regular echinoid Lytechinus variegatus (Lamarck) fed natural diets.
Fossils that outline the shapes of a Trigonia clam and an echinoid were also taken from the pit.