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a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music

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This evolution in ecdysiast entertainment has been censured as promoting prostitution, the spread of sexually transmitted disease (STD), and the decay of morals and family values.
Three seasoned strippers advise the novice ecdysiast Gypsy Rose Lee on how to succeed: "I do it with a horn," sings one, punctuating her bumps and grinds with blasts on a trumpet.
also possible) 6 fruit [cake] 7 brassiere 8 poontang (putain) 9 cheesecake 10 arm candy 11 condom (cunnus, dum) 12 copulate 13 clap (clapoir) 14 whore 15 gonorrhea 16 screw 17 kinky 18 pheronome 19 closet queen 20 gerontophilia 21 masher 22 ecdysiast 23 pornography 24 masturbation 25 coition
Made up of five Canadian ecdysiasts (the technical term for performers who shed clothes to music) the Society has been wowing crowds across North America since 1997.