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(of exocrine glands) producing a clear aqueous secretion without releasing part of the secreting cell


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Altered desmosomal plaque proteins within the acantholysis or spongiosis in the acrosyringium has been recognized in Grover disease, further supporting an eccrine contribution.
Approximately 50% of ductal eccrine carcinomas metastasize, usually to regional lymph nodes, but also to the lungs, liver, bones, and brain.
The distinction between subtypes and even the designation of eccrine tumor may be difficult, if not impossible, in select cases based on light microscopy alone.
No cases (0%) of hidradenocarcinoma papilliferum, porocarcinoma, eccrine carcinoma, cylindrocarcinoma, hidradenocarcinoma, malignant chondroid syringoma, mucinous carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma of mammary-like glands were found.
SIgA exists in sweat secreted by eccrine glands and plays a crucial role in cutaneous immunity (Okada et al.
The location of the cutaneous lesion within the palms and soles may be explained by the excretion of the drug in the sweat and because sunitinib is mainly secreted by eccrine sweat glands that are located in excess in the palms and soles.
The microwave device has the potential for a longer-term and possibly even permanent effect via eradication of eccrine sweat glands, Dr.
1,2) Hirsch and Helwig proposed that chondroid syringomas originate from apocrine or eccrine sweat glands and are histopathologically distinct from pleomorphic adenomas, which originate from salivary glands.
Acute radiation-aloe vera induced dermatitis in a malignant eccrine tumor of left gluteal region: a case report.
8), (9) Using an electrical stimulation, the eccrine sweat glands of the skin are activated via a reflex loop which includes large, myelinated sensory fibers, central synapses and efferent sympathetic pre-and post-ganglionic nerve fibers.
However, profuse perspiration or hyperhidrosis - which is caused by an overactive eccrine sweat gland - is taken seriously by the medical profession and by the patient.
The nanowires target specific fingerprint components--such as eccrine, a watery substance that comes out of the pads of human fingers and is not well detected using current forensic methods--that give off Raman scattering emissions.
used immunohistochemistry to examine CYP26A1 protein in the skin [44], it was found to be mainly limited to the basal layer of the epidermis, in particular the cytosol of keratinocytes as well as the epithelium of sebaceous glands and eccrine sweat glands.