ecclesiastical robe

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attire that is appropriate to wear in a church

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In addition, the intent to create something other than a state portrait is suggested by the presence of items with spiritual significance: the ecclesiastical robes, Bible, bell, and image of a cross formed on the palla by the reflection of a cross-decorated curtain or of the cross-shaped framing bars of a trabeated mullioned window, with its tinted, but predominately clear, glass panes.
Elizabeth Hoare was working for her family firm in London in the late 1980s when she got chatting to Canon Ken Riley who was having his ecclesiastical robes fitted.
If the idea had gone ahead, the ecclesiastical robes donned by Dr Williams at his enthronement in February and throughout his term of office would have been crafted in Wales and returned to the National Museum in Cardiff after his retirement.
The angels that appeared in the Corpus Christi plays were costumed in ecclesiastical robes, armor, wings, and feathers attached to the body.