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the purple or black-and-blue area resulting from a bruise

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the escape of blood from ruptured blood vessels into the surrounding tissue to form a purple or black-and-blue spot on the skin

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Initial Presentation of Haemophilia Features Frequency Percentage Bruises and ecchymosis 22 55% Haemarthrosis 12 30% Scalp/ facial haematomas 3 7.
The other patient, an 88-year-old man taking ibrutinib for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), developed ecchymosis down to the chin.
Abnormalities noted on physical examination were increased stiffness of the pectoral muscles, pale mucus membranes, dehydration (estimated at 5%-7%), areas of petechiation and ecchymosis around the margins of the eyelids and beneath the mandible, and obesity (body condition score 4/5).
The rash rapidly evolves to pustules, petechiae, and ecchymosis.
Complications reported in both studies were mostly minor and temporary such as erythema, ecchymosis and oedema.
Evaluation for postoperative edema, ecchymosis, hemorrhage, pain, and patient satisfaction with the outcome was made on the first and seventh days postoperatively.
Patients with acute nasal trauma may report epistaxis, nasal deformity, subconjuctival hemorrhage, pain, edema, ecchymosis or nasal obstruction.
1 Headache Yes No No No No Dizziness No Yes No No No Asthenia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Myalgia Yes Yes No No No Rash No No No No No Eschar No No No No No Lymphadenopathy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Anorexia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Nausea Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Vomit Yes Yes Yes No No Cough Yes Yes Yes No Yes Pneumonia Yes No Yes No Yes Hydrothorax Yes No Yes No No Confusion Yes No No No No Meningeal irritation sign Yes No No No No Ecchymosis Yes No No No No Hemoptysis No No No No Yes Hematuria Yes Yes No No No * NA, not applicable.
In addition to the formerly mentioned side effects, some of the other most notable side effects of Olanzapine are probable increased risk of DM and dyslipidemia, peripheral edema, joint pain, back pain, chest pain, extremity pain, abnormal gait, ecchymosis, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension especially during initial dose titration, rare Tardive dyskinesia, and rarely, rash on exposure to sun light.
There were no palpable masses, but ecchymosis developed in the right suprapubic region on day 3 post the onset of pain (Figure 1).
There were no cutaneous lesions such as papules, macules, ecchymosis or nodules.
8] Other less frequent complications were scrotal edema, ecchymosis, and so on.
While urticaria multiforme may have central ecchymosis (termed "hemorrhagic urticaria") that looks similar to the dusky centers of EM lesions and persists longer than the transient edematous plaques, (1) it resolves quickly with appropriate treatment.
A 29-year-old male presented with pain in the left axillary area and ecchymosis preceded by a snap while lifting 200 kg in bench press three days earlier.
The pathologic-anatomic summary was an obese lady with petechiae and ecchymosis on the upper chest wall and facial palsy.