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Synonyms for eccentricity

Synonyms for eccentricity

Antonyms for eccentricity

strange and unconventional behavior

(geometry) a ratio describing the shape of a conic section

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a circularity that has a different center or deviates from a circular path

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75 and go on decreasing with decrease in eccentricity and ([d.
The presence of the eccentricity and ellipticity in the construction of cable has different effects on the distribution of the electric field strength at the conductor and the insulation.
Setting the initial value of the inner film eccentricity [[epsilon].
The magnitude of displacement due to wind load is higher than seismic loads and is directly proportional to the eccentricity due to mass asymmetry.
s] is the relatively static eccentricity caused by rotor offset, [[delta]'.
When the eccentricity equals 1 mm, the contribution of positive conveying power to the total power is almost equivalent to that of the dragging power.
Julie Coldwell, who runs The House of Eccentricity in Holmfirth |
At the anchorage zone rational eccentricity value of pretensioned reinforcement at transfer and service stages is with opposite sign.
The change in vertical displacements with varied building storey and building eccentricity, with respect to the centre line of tunnel, was assessed.
Signal Eccentricity and Its Application to Estimating Jet Engine Location
Eccentricity becomes lovable in Lamb's essays on at least three levels: the vulnerability of eccentricity to judgment summons feelings of benevolence and admiration; the humor in the self-conscious exposure of eccentricity creates warmth; and the singularity of the eccentric persona stimulates attachment to Lamb as a writer eminently unlike any other.
This method has been applied to analyze static, dynamic and mixed eccentricity in induction and synchronous machines [7-12].
Translated for the first time into English, this Czech story encapsulates Klima's style and eccentricity.
The ratio of the thick side to the thin side is referred to as plaque eccentricity and is a strong indicator of heart disease.