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Synonyms for eccentricity

Synonyms for eccentricity

Antonyms for eccentricity

strange and unconventional behavior

(geometry) a ratio describing the shape of a conic section

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a circularity that has a different center or deviates from a circular path

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With the aforementioned parameters, the pressure distribution curves in the solids conveying zone with different eccentricities are presented as a function of rotor angle in Fig.
In both cases of stress distribution eccentricities of reinforcement become equal outside the anchorage zone and stay equal in the middle zone of the member.
17 ( ANI ): Two astronomers have proposed a new path for the formation of a newly discovered class of millisecond pulsars with similar orbital periods and eccentricities.
One of Elia's defining characteristics in fact is that he declares his idiosyncrasies with exuberance, holding them up as deficiencies so as to add drama--a sense of magic or alchemy--to the essays' signature process, which converts ostensibly trivial defects and anomalies into attractive, singular eccentricities.
With their uncaring father struggling to cope following the institutionalisation of their mum, the five Moochmore sisters are left in the care of Collette's nanny, Shaz, eccentricities are to be celebrated.
At this time of the year we should reflect on some of the eccentricities people of my generation were forced to learn and endure for 10 years in state school (religious instruction was a compulsory subject in the 60s and 70s).
The sheet is specifically designed to plot conics with eccentricities of 0.
This behaviour is illustrated in Figure 9 where images are shown at different shaft eccentricities for a dimensionless time of [N.
Amin drew upon the archives of firms that included Louis Vuitton, Boucheron, Chaumet, Cartier, and Hermies, he had access to palace and private collections, and employing his own extensive expertise, has written a text that is as entertaining as it is informative in revealing the extraordinarily varied works commissioned by princes whose personal wealth was exceeded only by their eccentricities.
The result is an apparently insignificant 2 degree eccentricity in plan, amplified in elevation, that disrupts the view from back to front as cramped elements annoyingly don't quite line up: one of a number of eccentricities that neither intentionally nor accidentally exploit the specificity of the site.
Nicholson clearly became close with the people of Dorchester County, who revealed to her their hearts and secrets, their aspirations and eccentricities.
Temeraire is a delight, and readers who enjoy dragon tales will especially enjoy the details of various dragon breeds, the eccentricities of dragon behavior, the humanity of the dragons, and the excitement of dragon battles.
Memorable partnerships flourish when one member of the duo looks deeply into the artistry of the other and embraces his or her style, musicianship, and eccentricities.
The question becomes one of accommodation; the problem is precisely how to curate a history of projects so dependent on desublimatory gestures born of the lamentable eccentricities of collections.