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Synonyms for eccentric

Synonyms for eccentric

Synonyms for eccentric

a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities)

Related Words

conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

not having a common center

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But competing with those two outstanding portrayals of motherhood is ``Fargo's'' cagey Minnesotan mother-to-be - and eccentrically brilliant homicide investigator - Frances McDormand.
3 SETH PRICE, DISPERSION (2003) Price's eccentrically designed and illustrated treatise on media, distribution, and the future status of the work of art is both precise and open-ended.
Brit Peter Chelsom is one of my favourite film-makers, having written and directed both Hear My Song and the eccentrically hilarious Funny Bones.
0, comprised of an array of optical fibers eccentrically offset from the central axis of the catheter, was designed to ablate a channel larger than the catheter itself by combining multiple pass ablation techniques with saline infusion.
There is no story here in the conventional sense, even as Dyer manages to write a narrative of lives lived precariously, eccentrically, like biographical equivalents of the art.
In some cases, the seeking-shapes-in-the-clouds approach seemed unjustified, as in a watercolor comprising stacked horizontal brushstrokes-elegantly yet eccentrically minimalist.
This course--calling for the cultivation of right understanding, thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration--is eccentrically reimagined in Alexander Ku's brief video The 8-Fold Path, 1997, set in New York's Chinatown, more precisely in a digitally simulated Canal Street bank.
Still more eccentrically, she borrowed this particular palette from Laura Ashley's color charts, because at the time she fantasized that her therapist wore Laura Ashley clothing.
Asked in 1994 what it means for him to sell art, he eccentrically replied, "Unfortunately I'm not so good at that.
Here, in his chambre a part at the Freidricianum, the dynamically curved, eccentrically positioned, single-color canvases instantly produced what can only be described as a "ping" effect: the sensation that would ensue if one suddenly came upon an alpine meadow, bright green and full of wildflowers, after wandering for hours through grand allees dripping with Spanish moss.
In her recent large prints (the artist's first serious exploration of the medium), subtly shaped plates continue the earlier explorations of eccentrically edged fields.
First, in slower runners there is a tendency to overload the calf muscles eccentrically (while the foot is planted and you are moving your body over it).
Among proposed lateral loading system, eccentrically braced frame, though has little stiffness compared to the types of convergent braces, it has high strength, especially high energy absorption capability and tolerates stability hysteresis cycle under reciprocating loadings that achieving to this important issue is not possible regarding convergent braces due to buckling under the pressure.
Jessa used to dress eccentrically, like Helena Bonham Carter, but .