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Although he's quite possibly the most eccentric person I know, his ideas are certainly interesting and renegade.
Quiz' was in limited usage before Daly but meant an eccentric person.
Asked whether or not he thinks of Koizumi as an eccentric person, Choi said he has met him two times and considers him as a reform-minded individual, according to the official.
It reveals fascinating information: someone who is a `quiz' - an odd or eccentric person - may be derived from the antics of an 18th-century Dublin theatre proprietor, who, having bet that a nonsense word would become common currency within 48 hours, had the word written up on walls all over the city
Unfortunately I wasn't graced with any such exciting news and the only eccentric person I came across was a beret-wearing checkout assistant at a budget supermarket.
In fact the 47-year-old former BP computer operator from Port Talbot has been declared the fourth most eccentric person in Britain.
I'm actually a strong and slightly eccentric person, but I'd much rather be known as nice than nasty.
Others see an eccentric person nicknamed "Grizelda".
THE needs of one man don't add up to a hill of beans in this crazy world, but one Welshman is hoping to be named Britain's most eccentric person this week.
To illustrate, I closely follow films about "Outsider" artists: typically eccentric persons who have had no formal training in the visual arts, or whose artistic themes lie far outside the mainstream.