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a change that occurs in degenerative joint disease in which bone is converted into a dense smooth substance resembling ivory

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A, There are changes consistent with osteoarthritis with eburnation and subchondral sclerosis present on the medial femoral condyle and medial tibial plateau.
Gross changes of the joint surface, such as pitting, eburnation, and marginal lipping, are commonly used to identify and characterize joint degeneration in skeletal populations.
Morphologic investigations of patients with otosclerosis have shown that an inflammatory process occurs in the temporal bone, and that it has three distinct stages: bone resorption, new bone formation, and final eburnation of the affected bone.
12) This procedure has well established effectiveness, as long as there is only early chondromalacia and no frank cartilage eburnation found intraoperatively.
The joint-space loss is associated with subchondral bony eburnation and cyst formation.