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Albert vented his anger on a pile of newspapers, which he sent flying all over the office by switching them violently with his stick; after which ebullition he departed -- not, however, without walking several times to the door of the press-room, as if he had half a mind to enter.
He knew Thomson well enough to be aware how unusual such an ebullition of feeling on his part was.
But with a sudden well-assumed ebullition of spirits he drew her toward the dancing-floor, and as they swung around and around in a waltz she pondered on the iron heart of the man who held her in his arms and resisted all her wiles.
Fyne gave me the impression of having escaped from a man inspired by a grimly playful ebullition of high spirits.
Is that affectionate ebullition intended for my hair, or myself, nurse?
and flung herself into George Osborne's arms with all her soul, to the astonishment of everybody who witnessed that ebullition of sentiment.
Perhaps it was the association in her mind of unexpected walks with the newly-born activities of the repentant Nutty that gave her the feeling that there must be some mental upheaval on a large scale at the back of this sudden ebullition of long-distance pedestrianism.
Against this ebullition of wounded female pride, the experienced husband made no other head, than by an occasional exclamation, which he intended to be precursor of a simple asseveration of his own innocence.
With this irrepressible ebullition of mirth, Master Bates laid himself flat on the floor: and kicked convulsively for five minutes, in an ectasy of facetious joy.
With this ebullition of rage, which was not unaccompanied with something like a tremble, at the expression of his wife's face, Mr.
En 2011, la promesse d'un allegement de la dette de l'Egypte vis-a-vis des Etats-Unis, estimee a un milliard de dollars (dont 450 millions sont en negociation), materialise le soutien de l'administration americaine a [beaucoup moins que]la nouvelle Egypte[beaucoup plus grand que] de Morsi enlisee dans un cycle de violence, notamment a Port Said, a Ismailiya et a Suez, lancant un mouvement de desobeissance pour la 3e semaine consecutive, rejoint en definitive par la province de Mansourah en ebullition.
J'ai de la peine a retenir mes larmes et cet etrange volcan de colere et de rage en ebullition dans ma tete.
Au coeur du Caire, la trepidante capitale egyptienne, mais a plusieurs kilometres du vacarme de ses rues en ebullition infernale, vivent les pecheurs.
Elle frappe de plein fouet une coalition, menacee d'implosion et evoluant a contre-courant des exigences de changement de la societe en ebullition.
A l'heure oE l'industrie mondiale des engrais est en pleine ebullition, la Russie, qui convoite elle aussi les genereux benefices promis par ce secteur, se lance dans de grandes manoeuvres destinees selon les experts a creer un champion aux ambitions internationales.