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in an ebullient manner

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However, anyone observing in even the most casual fashion the almost carnal demonstration of police brutality during the protests of November would note that their self-assurance has returned ebulliently.
We were at a restaurant, chatting away about life, when my sister ebulliently announced that she wanted to "Tweet about our meal.
Beyond the many hours that they share in their multidisciplinary, alternative clinic built organically and "green," the Gerbers share a wonderful family and live life ebulliently.
It was also a compelling piece of small-scale musical theatre (Di Revis directed), ebulliently performed on an authentic looking set (Lucy Sierra) by Mary Carewe - sassy and brittle in a little black dress - and Richard Morris, who strutted around in shirt and braces like a belligerent revolutionary worker.
Such formulations can often seem rather abstract, but Forth's history is satisfyingly, indeed ebulliently, fleshy.
Boumai'la ebulliently leaps and darts, basking in the sun to an original piano score by Ralph Gilbert that closely matches the movement's phrasing.
Running in, I'm like a Spitfire coming through the clouds," he bellowed ebulliently as he swooped on the contestants to check their progress.
The spare contours of the squared cups and shelves hover against a backdrop of ebulliently drawn, but orderly arabesques, trellis and foliage.
Neither Jewish nor Muslim (nor Polish), Nathan was ebulliently, sacramentally Christian.
The Stanford model is an exciting one, one that ebulliently celebrates writing in the writing center.
But he excels at raising money for himself and can work a room with the best of them, glad-handing, smiling ebulliently.
As the players were putting the finishing touches to their preparations ahead of the Manchester City game, one unnamed individual turned to Joleon Lescott and ebulliently declared: "We'll win this evening, no problem.
No other novel by Ondaatje has so ebulliently embraced the notion that books are made out of other books.
It's to their credit, and the returning rest of the cast's, that the season's final Barbiere (May 11) was as ebulliently energized as the first had been six months before.
In the South African sphere, Mphahlele's postolonial concerns do not only end in pre-independence fiction such as Down Second Avenue (1959) in which the pernicious effects of apartheid among blacks is depicted ebulliently alongside the profiling of a consciousness and way of life he has called Afrikan Humanism.