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a hard nonresilient rubber formed by vulcanizing natural rubber

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While the texture of the ebonite contrasts with the metal fittings and the coral and ivory coloured resin of the Montblanc emblem, the sensorial experience is enhanced by the typical scent that comes from the sulphur content inside the ebonite.
In addition, a recent segmentation analysis conducted by Ebonite International determined the target market for the Columbia 300 comprises young bowlers who a) bowl for fun; b) are career-oriented and focused on the future; c) enjoy active leisure-time, mostly on weekends; d) like bowling in groups, particularly for the social aspects; and e) gravitate toward brands that are fashionable, unique, and innovative.
He credits organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers and a college study group he organized for teaching him how to collaborate with his team at Ebonite.
The nib feeder is made from ebonite, proving that even the parts hidden from the eye are selected and crafted with the utmost attention to detail.
3 m high with special WRAS-approved food-grade ebonite.
Indian company Khodiyar is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial rollers, trolleys, textile beams, rollers, shafts, rubber rollers, ebonite rolls and brush rolls for various industries.
Sua semelhanca com a madeira ebano gerou um outro nome comercial, Ebonite (Ebonite), e as p rimeiras ocorrencias de simulacao de materiais naturais por parte dos plasticos.
Lewis Waterman invented a pen with an ebonite support under the nib and grooves and ducts which allowed the ink to flow one way and air the other - the first reliable fountain pen.
The Kolsch collection shows us how, in the first 80 years of the plastics industry, products were made exclusively of biopolymers, most from renewable resources such as cellulose, casein, shellac, and ebonite.
Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday how an undercover investigation codenamed Operation Ebonite was set up on the Dalton estate in the summer of 2005.
Control of the early Jewish/Christian or Ebonite church passed directly to James the Righteous, the brother of Jesus, him called Christ.
We grabbed our bowling ball see-saw, chucked our Ebonite in the bag and slipped on our purple Jesus Quintana leisure suit.
I can remember lying on the floor and looking up in my parents' kitchen at their white ebonite radio and hearing Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) with Domenico Modugno singing.
In the invisible world that the indication of the galvanometer reveals to us, ebonite is a translucent, and water an opaque material.
Collectors from Europe, Japan, Canada and America are set to bid for a host of items including a very rare Coxon three-inch four-spoke reel with ebonite drum made in 1910, which is expected to fetch pounds 1,500.