ebb away

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Synonyms for ebb away

flow back or recede

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Too many players play one bad hole and allow their confidence to ebb away along with the match.
Holloway is determined not to let the feel-good factor generated by wins at Liverpool and Newcastle ebb away.
Winslet, who has appeared naked in a number of films including 'The Reader', feels that as the years go by, the pull to appear in the buff may ebb away.
Channel 4 News reported that the Icelandic Central Bank approached the Bank of England in March for assistance to support its currency as confidence in its heavily-indebted banking began to ebb away.
But while Bromborough's Waring will have been delighted with a final day 66 that catapulted him forward from 43rd overnight to a share of 17th, Slattery will have been disappointed to see his chances of a top 10 finish ebb away.
It would appear to be only a matter of time before the Wolves' back line is breached again, and if United manage to get ahead on the night the visitors' self-belief is likely to ebb away.
After watching her daughter's confidence ebb away, mum Alison was at her wits' end.
Philip fears that if William keeps Kate hanging on, his popularity could ebb away.
Sharpen all you want: you may not cut it in today's environment, where the creative win and the rest ebb away.
As we have found out far too often, terror and human misery generally will not ebb away on their own or stay neatly within borders if we look at them as someone elses problem.
And then they sit there for three hours, blocking traffic while your life slips away as you creep forward, an inch at a time, and the seconds of your existence on this planet slowly ebb away.
Trouble is, Sarah demands a luxury hotel room, 24 hours a day chauffeur, room service, clothes and food whenever she wants - but it seems to do the trick, and our hero's troubles ebb away.
He and wife Anne-Marie comforted Sandra and Derek Pirie by the bedside of their only child, Kiana, as they watched her life ebb away.
By not being able to watch their team play in Coventry their interest may well ebb away and we will lose a generation of supporters for ever.
A sea of tears and endless grief would simply ebb away, if only we could celebrate with you your special birthday today.